New Google Algorithm Affects Rankings

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Google launched a significant change to their search algorithm that makes sites that copy (or steal) content from other sources less likely to rank in search engine results. While some SEOs are scrambling in damage-control mode, quality SEO that didn’t violate Google guidelines are unaffected, and at times even see a nice bump.

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More Yahoo Layoffs, More Google Hiring

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Yahoo announces a new round of layoffs in the wake of their December staffing cuts. Meanwhile Google announces the biggest year of hiring in company history, following an already large hiring year in 2010.

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SEO: Can Bad or Paid Links Hurt Your Site?

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Can bad links or paid links hurt your site in Google search engine results? Are paid link directories the yellow brick road leading to the top of search engine results, or will it lead you instead into being downranked or even black-listed? Find out what research suggests, and what Google has to say on the subject.

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What is Twitter & Why Should You Care?

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Twitter isn’t just for telling your friends what kind of cereal you ate for breakfast — it can be a valuable tool in your offsite SEO arsenal that can increase your search engine rankings, drive more traffic to your site, and increase sales. Find out just what Twitter is and why you should care.

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SEO Competition and the Grizzly Equation

You and I are walking in the woods, and a grizzly bear charges from the treeline, frothing at the mouth and intent on mauling us. The grizzly bear runs at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. How fast do you have to run to escape the grizzly bear? And most importantly, what does this Grizzly Equation have to do with SEO competition? Why, everything, of course.

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