Google Algorithm Change Devalues Article Sites

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Google has launched a massive new algorithm change, affecting 12% of all queries — that’s about 360 million searches per day that will see different results. This change is primarily targeting article-hosting sites, which can have significant ramifications for white-hat backlink building techniques. Find out who was hit, and who benefited from this Google algorithm change.

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Google Adwords All Lower Case URLs and Extended Headlines

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Google AdWords has rolled out even more changes, all lower case letters in the display URL’s and extended headlines. These changes are obvious ways in which Google is assuring that the paid search results appear similar to the organic search results.

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In yet another public punishment, Google catches paying for links and drops their search engine results from the top few rankings down to not even showing on the first several pages of results. This follows in the wake of Forbes and JC Penney being punished for link selling and buying.

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PPC: Bing / Yahoo Paid Traffic Decreasing Since Merger?

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RKG has reported data showing a steady decline in PPC search traffic from Yahoo and Bing since they began their merger. While their data shows the Yahoo / Bing conversion rate finally increasing to the same level as Google since the merger, the decrease in traffic continues to make them less attractive to PPC advertisers.

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Google Launches updated Social Search Function

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Google’s updated Social Search Function now shows your social media connections’ results integrated within the search results. This updated version searches Twitter, Flickr, Quora, LinkedIn or Google Reader to show applicable integrated content based on your search.

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