Is Domain Age Important SEO for Google Rankings?

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Is the age of your domain important for your ability to rank well in Google results? And if so, just how important is domain age to your SEO? Ecreative IM tackles the question with simple answers, including what Google themselves has to say on the importance of domain age in their rankings.

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Ecreative IM Spirit Week

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It’s Spirit Week at Ecreative Internet Marketing, where we split into teams and the SEO staff faces off against the production staff, competing for bragging rights.

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Google Click Distribution – How Important is Number One?

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Just how important is the number 1 position on Google? How many people click on the number 1 spot vs the number 2 and number 10 spot? Ecreative IM takes a look at some research that suggests exactly what the click distribution is for search engine results pages.

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JC Penney Busted for Paid Links

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Retailer giant JC Penney was recently exposed in a New Times Article for engaging in Black Hat SEO practices, including paying for thousands of links. The result? Google slammed them in the search engine results, dropping their rankings from number one into complete obscurity.

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Why Video is Such an Important SEO Tool

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Video content for you website is an increasingly important part of your search engine optimization and internet marketing strategy, even for B2B businesses and companies in the industrial industry. Find out why video is so important today, and what you’re site is missing out on by not including video content.

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