5 Free WordPress Plugins to Stop Comment Spam in 2011

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Wordpress blogs are an excellent tool for making your website more attractive to search engines. Unfortunately dealing with automated comment spam goes hand-in-hand with having a blog. Here are 5 effective and free tools to deal with comment spam on your Wordpress blog. These plugins will handle spam for you and allow you to focus on blogging.

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SEO Basics: What is Bounce Rate on a Website?

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What is a bounce rate on our website? What is considered a good bounce rate and what’s considered a bad bounce rate? And what exactly does the bounce rate tell us about our website and our site’s SEO? This SEO Basics article explains bounce rate and how to use this metric to learn what users think of your site.

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5 Free WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2011

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A blog is one of the best tools available to increase the authority of your website in the eyes of search engines — by creating content and regular updates for your site. These 5 free and easy-to-use plugins will supercharge the SEO potential of your Wordpress blog to drive more traffic to your blog, and increase your search engine rankings.

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It’s Time to Pay Attention to Social Media

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Social media gets lot of buzz and attention, but despite being a part of the marketing plans in 80% of B2B businesses, it’s still far too often dismissed. Before you shrug off social media as part of your marketing plan, take a moment to understand what you’re passing up.

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Content Farms: Why Quality Doesn’t Always Rule the Web

Filed under: Internet Marketing — Amy Kilgour

What is a content farm, and how are shady SEO professionals making use of them to sneak their way into top search engine results? A look at how content farms work, why they work, and what Google has to say about them.

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