Google Settles with FTC Over Buzz

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Google settles with the FTC over Google Buzz privacy concerns, and agrees to an independent privacy review every two years, and must obtain explicit consent before sharing user information.

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SEO Basics: Hyphen or Underscore for SEO URLs?

SEO basics tackles the question of whether to use hyphens or underscores for your SEO URLs. There’s a surprising amount of debate over this topic, mostly due to one poorly worded comment made by Google; however, the right answer in this case is very clear.

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Tracking Opens in Email Marketing Campaigns

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One of the metrics that you should be paying attention to in your email marketing campaigns is the email open rate. But be aware that this is probably the one email marketing metric that varies the most wildly away from the truth. Today we discuss how email opens are tracked in email campaigns, and why this metric is inherently inaccurate.

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Google Adds Instant to Google Places

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Google makes Google instant available through Google Places searches, stating “…part of our ongoing effort to give you the Instant experience everywhere on Google…”

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Newest Facebook Features and How They Affect Your Business or Brand Page

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Not that another Facebook update is earth-shattering, but some of the recent changes may have a big impact on your Facebook’s Business or Brand page. If you’re using Facebook to promote your company (and you should be) here are the things that you’ll want to know: Photo Placement Change The first new change worth considering […]

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