SEO Basics: What is Black Hat SEO?

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Ecreative SEO Basics tackles the question of just what is Black Hat SEO? Why is Black Hat SEO bad, what do they do, and what are the dangers of Black Hat SEO, or hiring a SEO firm that engages in Black Hat SEO practices? After all, Google doesn’t care if it’s the website owner or their SEO firm breaking the rules — if you’re using Black Hat SEO, they just might decide that you’ll no longer show up in any Google results.

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How to Come Up With Topics for Your Blog

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Having a blog for your B2B business website can be one of the greatest SEO decisions you make — but only if you’re actually blogging! Here is a simple and easy way to come up with topics to blog about in your B2B blog, so that you’ll never be staring at a blank screen with nothing to blog about.

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QR Codes: the Superheroes of Barcodes?

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With more and more people using Smartphones, QR codes seem to be popping up everywhere. QR Codes have nearly unlimited applications and can be seen almost everywhere, from billboards and stickers to the back of your server’s shirt at your favorite pub.

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