Google to Start Charging for Some Adwords Phone Extension Calls

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Google has offered adwords advertisers the ability to use a unique Google-provided phone number in their ads that re-route to their phone line. The advantage of using the Google number is that all calls to that number could be automatically tracked via call metrics, giving a far better view of how the adwords campaign was performing. But starting in May, Google will be charging $1.00 for manually dialed calls to that number.

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How to Turn Off / On Comments in WordPress 3.1 +

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The newer versions of Wordpress (3.1+) have made some changes to some of the default options in the admin section, and among those changes was some housekeeping to shuffle several options out of the way. In the process many people now don’t know where to go to turn off (or on) comments in their Wordpress blog. This simple guide covers how to use the new Screen Options (and where to find it) to access all of the customization options in Wordpress posts.

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Sometimes Search Engine Rankings Aren’t What They Appear

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Watching the rankings of your relevant keywords is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts. However, before you get too obsessed with that number, realize that rankings aren’t always what they seem — in fact here we see an example where ranking #3 is actually exactly the same as ranking #1.

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New Study on Clicks by Google Rank 2011

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Optify has released new research of over a million click-throughs in an attempt to predict what percentage of people click on the first result of Google, vs the second, third, etc. We’ve seen research like this before dating back to 2006, but this is certainly the most recent research, and with the changing face of Google results — with social, images, and media as well as geo-targeted search — it’s always good to see recent research. Interestingly, the Optify study shows the lowest click through percentage for the number one Google position of any study to date.

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