How Long Does Google Punish a New Site: Google Sandbox

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When a brand new site on a brand new domain launches, it gets put in what SEO professionals call the Google Sandbox. In effect, Google lowers the search engine rankings for new sites for several months after launch.

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Social Media Icons on Your Blog

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If you want something done right — do it yourself. This is the lesson we learned when we tried to find a good Wordpress plugin to provide those social media icons at the bottom of posts. After a lot of searching, the existing ones often didn’t offer tracking options, and nearly always shared all your user’s information with a 3rd party company.

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The AOL Click Distribution by Rank Data

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In 2006, AOL leaked search data of over 35 million search queries, including exactly how many people clicked on search results based on the ranking. This data has become the most commonly quoted statistics for Google click distribution — even though it did not come from Google results. Today we take a look at this AOL data, and the areas in which Google click distribution is probably different from this 5 years old AOL data.

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Epsilon Email Security Snafu

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Epsilon released a statement that their email databases of many well-known companies had been hacked. What does this mean for you and what could they do to your email address?

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Can Paid Links Help Your Site?

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One of the most frequent questions were hear from people just learning about SEO is “will paid links help my site?” Find out what Google has to say on the subject of paid links, and what the exceptions to Google’s policy really are.

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