Call Me MacGyver

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Sometimes life in SEO land is good, and sometimes it’s less good. It can be easy to overlook how vital it is to design a website — and the site’s back end CMS — with SEO in mind from the beginning. Without the right tools, the SEO professional is trying to be like MacGyver and improvising the tools necessary to get the job done.

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Facebook Finally Fixes Failed Employer Pages Link

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Been wanting to promote your employer’s page in your Facebook profile? Perhaps you tried to link it in the past were only able to link to a strange, gray briefcase icon. Facebook has now made it easy to update and link to your employer’s page, just follow my easy directions!

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Splash Pages are the Devil

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Splash pages on websites — those welcome screens or intro videos — are an archaic design feature that just refuses to die. Splash pages are very user unfriendly, research shows that users hate them, and they significantly hurt the SEO authority of your site.

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Images and Text in Email Marketing Campaigns

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Nowadays the vast majority of all email programs disable images by default. This is why it’s so vital that your email marketing campaign is designed to be effective even if your subscribers don’t see a single image in the eblast.

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Facebook’s Like Icon Drives Traffic to Your Website

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Facebook is the largest social network with enough active users to make it the world’s third largest country. Facebook has recently shared some case studies and statistics on exactly how incorporating the Facebook Like button has increased traffic, sales, and improved user retention for websites.

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