Website Revenue Formula

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A simple formula that shows exactly how much money your website can generate, and how to break this formula down further and further into the component variables to find easy, bite-sized pieces you can tweak to improve your website’s revenue.

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Trackable Share Icons v0.9 Released

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Ecreative Internet Marketing has just released v0.9 of our free Wordpress plugin, Trackable Social Share Icons. This new version is the largest update yet, and comes with a host of new features — including the new Snail Mail social share option!

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Bingbook: Bing Becomes One with Facebook

Search engine Bing’s integration with Facebook just went into hyperspeed. If you’re logged into Facebook, Bing will now show you Facebook results throughout their search engine results page. They’ll encourage you to Like pages on the internet, direct you to friends, display your friends’ recommendations, strangers’ recommendations, and even automatically post to your Facebook feed.

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Why Pay for SEO When You Can Do it Yourself?

A question that comes up from time to time in the SEO world from small business owners is “Why pay for SEO? Can’t I just learn to do it myself?” This is especially prevalent after reading an article giving a broad overview of SEO techniques. The answer is simple: yes you can learn SEO, just like you can learn to be a veterinarian. But don’t try to operate on your cat after reading a few online articles.

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Facebook Exposed as Behind Anti-Google PR Campaign

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In a surprising turn of events, new sources have just revealed that Facebook hired a top public relations firm to secretly launch a PR smear campaign against Google’s Social Circles in an attempt to raise privacy concerns — privacy concerns whose source is information that Facebook deliberately makes public to search engines.

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