Google Announces Chromebook Notebook Launch

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Google has announced the new Google Chromebook — a notebook computer that will release to the consumer market on June 15th in direct competition with notebooks… only it’s not really a computer. It’s a computer-looking device that only does one thing: run Google chrome.

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Social Media for B2B Marketing Infographic

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Do you hear everyone talking about social media these days — Twitter and Facebook and those sites — and wonder what the heck the big deal is? Ecreative Internet Marketing has put together a simple infographic that demonstrates the reason 86% of B2B firms are using social media as part of their marketing plan, including statistics on B2B buyers and how social media impacts lead generation.

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Google on How to Rank Well in the Wake of Panda

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Google’s Amit Singhal has come out and talked about what kind of things Google looks for in a quality website, and what specific signals indicate high quality vs. low quality that they try to build their algorithm around. He also discusses the Panda update, and why some sites might have had their rankings hurt by it.

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Google Adds Site Speed Metric to New Analytics

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The new version of Google Analytics is currently in beta, where Ecreative Internet Marketing has been playing with it for some time now. Google just announced a new feature for the new analytics: site speed reports. Learn how quickly your site is loading, and compare load times across different pages, and for users with different browsers and geographical regions.

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Google Implements Unique Product Identifiers for Shopping Feeds

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Google has just implemented the requirement for unique product identifiers for products in the Google shopping feed. Based on Google’s comments, it appears that the main focus of this requirement is to make it easier for Google to know when two offerings are actually the same product, and then to display the lowest price. Unfortunately, this sounds like not just an easy system to game, but possibly one that encourages deceptive e-retailing practices.

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