Google+1 Clicks Now Track in Webmaster Tools

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Google is firing on all social cylinders this summer in an integrated assault on social media. Their latest is the integration of the Google+1 button with Google Webmaster Tools, allowing you to track the total number of people who have +1’d any of your pages, and display a page by page breakdown.

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Google Launches Google+ Social Network

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Google has just announced the test-phase launch of it’s much-anticipated third attempt to enter the online social network market. Unlike previous failures, Google+ looks well-constructed, easy to use, and offers significant improvements to the social network experience. Whether it has what it takes to topple Facebook is probably largely dependent on Facebooks ability to respond to Google+.

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Customizing Trackable Social Share Icons

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The Ecreative Internet Marketing free Wordpress Plugin, Trackable Social Share Icons, is incredibly customizable and you can do just about anything you want with them. Here are a few examples of how to modify the CSS block in the admin section to make your social media icons display differently.

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Secret Language of the Industrial Market

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Ecreative Internet Marketing specializing in working within the industrial market. While some SEO approaches remain the same for any industry, and the industrial market as a whole has a certain commonality in resources — every industrial within the industrial market has its own secret language that is impenetrable from the outside.

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Dilbert on Black Hat SEO

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Today’s Dilbert comic gives the signature Dilbert look at Black Hat SEO, as the pointy haired boss asks Dilbert to use black hat SEO techniques to help their website rank better in the search engines.

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