Google Speeds up Google +1 Button Loading

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The Google +1 button is Google’s version of the Facebook Like button, but one problem it had was the slow load speed. Google has just addressed that with a super charge to the Google +1 button load speed, combined with a new asynchronous code snipped that you can use to ensure that the Google +1 button doesn’t slow the load speed of your site.

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Ecreative Renews Status as Official Google AdWords Certified Partner

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Ecreative has become a Google AdWords Certified Partner for the 2nd year in a row. Amy shares the perks of this certification and the work involved.

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Google’s Research on PPC vs Organic Clicks

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Google released research on PPC cannibalization of organic results; unfortunately they did not take organic ranking into account, which renders the results fairly meaningless. They did, however, provide a simple equation that you can use to determine if your PPC campaign is worthwhile.

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I Want a Negative Keyword Meta Tag

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The keyword meta tag has been completely ignored by search engines for years because it was too easily abused. But what about a negative keywords meta tag? Why can’t we tell search engines what words not to rank us for? Adwords advertisers have it, why can’t we have one for organic SEO?

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The Kingmaker: Content or Links

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Two opposing philosophies on search engine optimization are increasingly competing to be the one true way to rank your site. The Content is King crowd argues that the only way to achieve true and lasting search engine ranking is through top quality original content. Meanwhile the linkbuilding crowd claims that content is irrelevant with the right backlink profile. So who is right?

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