Yahoo 2nd Quarter Revenue Down 23%

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Yahoo has released it’s 2nd quarter 2011 financial report, showing a 23% decline in revenues year over year, but with a 9% increase in income. Yahoo’s report is a stark contrast to Google’s recent 2nd quarter report of record revenue and profits. Click through for more details of the financial impact of the Bing/Yahoo merger on Yahoo.

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Eyes on the Prize: Conversions per Hour

We use a lot of metrics in the search engine optimization world, and our SEO reports are filled with lots of relevant data. But sometimes it’s too easy to get fixated on the wrong things: in the end what really matters is the number of conversions we get per hour of work we put in. Maximizing conversions per hour is what will maximize your profit.

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Is Facebook Driving Users to Google+?

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Google’s entry into social networks has brought us the first full-scale social network war for users, and in the early stages Facebook appears to be blundering with awkward attempts at smear campaign, and paranoid-looking policies that are actually driving users to Google+. Added to this a recent user satisfaction study puts Facebook’s satisfaction rating in the bottom 6%, on the same level as cable companies and utilities, while Google is firmly at the top of the list.

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How to Manage Your Facebook Page’s Images

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Since last spring’s Facebook updates, Company or Brand Facebook pages have a top 5 feature on their pages. Internet Marketing Specialist, Amy, tells you how to modify these images as well as important tips in regard to your Facebook page profile image.

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Google Breaks $9 Billion in 2nd Quarter

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Google has released their Second Quarter 2011 Financial Results, showing a record-breaking $9 billion in revenue — a 32% growth over 2nd quarter 2010. Fifteen years after Google was founded and after a decade of doomsayers predicting Google’s downfall, Google still shows no signs of slowing down.

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