Whitepaper: Mobile Trends for Industrial vs B2C Websites

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Do you need a mobile version of your website? With the meteoric rise in smartphones over the last few years more and more people are accessing the internet via their mobile devices. Ecreativeworks has just published a whitepaper examining the percentage of traffic to both industrial and B2C website from mobile devices, the share of each mobile platform, and the projected growth of mobile access to industrial and B2C sites.

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New Google Shopping Feed Requirements

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Google is updating the required fields for Google shopping feeds. These new fields will become required Sept 22nd.

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The Art of War: Sun Tzu on SEO

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What Sun Tzu’s The Art of War can teach us about search engine optimization, and why the path to true SEO dominance starts before your site ever goes live.

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In Defense of Keyword Ranking Reports

There’s a growing conversation in the SEO world where SEO professionals argue that keyword ranking reports should not be used, or should not be presented to clients. I’m frankly a bit baffled at how a SEO professional could possibly justify that position, or even do their job without this fundamental tool. Keyword rankings are the first step in the chain of results we are working toward, and without tracking them we can’t understand the impact of our work, the effectiveness of keywords, or how we should be changing the site to improve sales.

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Facebook Announces Video Chat & Group Chat

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In the wake of the private invite-only launch of the new Google+ social network, Facebook has already begun implementing some of the Google+ features that Facebook lacked — notably video chat and group chat. Are we going to see Facebook adopt Google+’s better privacy controls and more intuitive and useful friend and information sorting too? Does this swift ability to copy any Google+ innovation doom Google+?

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