Want PR 8 DoFollow Links with Anchor Text?

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Linkbuilding is a perennial effort in the SEO world, and Google+ has just presented SEO professionals with another source of high quality dofollow backlinks that you know Google will be paying attention to. There are a couple of settings you have to pay attention to, but it’s and easy and free way to gather more links!

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Google Analytics Multi-Channel

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Google’s analytics blog has just announced a phenomenal new feature that is now available in the beta version of Google Analytics. This new multi-channel feature will finally let you track how conversions first came to your site, rather than just tracking their last visit.

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Google+1 Button Sharing Rolling Out

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Google has finally incorporated Facebook-esque sharing into the Google +1 button. Now when Google+ users +1 something, they’ll have the option of sharing it with the circles of their choice. And continuing Google+’s theme of one-upping Facebook, Google offers publishers better control of what content gets pulled into the share window.

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SEO Basics: The Meta Keyword Tag

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SEO Basics focuses in specifically on the meta keywords tag, and we discuss the history of meta keywords a bit. The meta keywords tag does not help your rankings, not even slightly, in any of the major search engines. In fact, the tag was helpful only from 1996 to 1998. If you’re still trying to use this tag to improve you’re rankings, you’re more than a decade behind the times.

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Facebook Pages, Profiles and Groups…What’s the Difference?

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The difference between a Facebook Page, a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Group can be confusing. In order to be certain that you are using the correct format for the correct application, specifically when it comes to setting up a business Facebook page, educate yourself on the difference.

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