Facebook Timeline Page Profile Picture FAQs: Size and Selection

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The new Facebook Page Timeline format profile picture and cover imge done right can give your brand or company that extra edge against the competition to stand out.

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Matt Cutts Update on Hyphen vs Underscore URLs

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Google’s Matt Cutts offers an update to the hyphen vs. underscore for SEO URLs status. He reaffirms that yes, Google still treats hyphens as a word separator, and still treats underscores as a word joiner. He confirms in unequivocal terms that you should use hyphens for your URLs.

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Google+ Launches Games

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Google continues to grow their fledgling Google+ social network by introducing their first 16 games, designed to segregate all game notification so they don’t go into your news feed. You only see the game spam if you choose to go to the game page. Facebook responds by increasing the amount of space allocated for games, and increasing the amount of notifications that games and pump into users’ feeds.

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Geeks + Outdoor Sports = Fun!

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Ecreative Internet Marketing had our summer picnic last Friday: grilling outdoors and playing games. And now we have pictures of exactly what it looks like when a pack of internet marketers and web developers try to play outdoor sports. It may not be pretty, but it was darned fun!

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Twitter Adds Image Uploading

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Twitter has just announced the ability to upload images directly into Twitter, without the need for a third party image hosting service. The images can be uploaded straight from your timeline by clicking an icon in the tweet box, and appear in the right sidebar when someone clicks on the tweet. Twitter says that in the coming weeks it will also be implementing user media galleries. Find out how it works and what the privacy features are.

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