Google+ Projected to be 2nd Largest Social Network Next Year

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A new survey shows that Google+ is on track to be the second largest social network within 12 months, beating LinkedIn and Twitter. The survey suggests that Google+ will be second only to Facebook, and that the new social network will negatively impact Facebook — eating away at Facebook’s users. Compared to Facebook, Google+’s users are younger, better educated, more male and more single.

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ISPs Redirecting Search Traffic for Profit

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A Berkeley team has uncovered that a dozen ISPs have been hijacking search traffic for profit… and databasing all customer behavior. When users search for specific terms in search engines, the ISPs intercept that search and send the user to a third party marketing agency to earn commissions on the referral, rather than showing the search engine results page.

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Android Nears 50% Market Share: Microsoft, Apple Sue

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Google’s Android smartphone platform continues it meteoric rise to claim nearly a 50% market share. Meanwhile competitors Microsoft and Apple team up to spend billions to acquire dubious patents in an attempt to sue Google to try to make Android more expensive. Currently Android is provided for free to smartphone manufacturers.

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Old Twitter Interface Phasing Out

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Twitter is finally phasing out their old interface, and pushing the new interface available since September 2010 as mandatory for all Twitter users.

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How To Claim Your Facebook Page Vanity URL

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Setting up a Facebook Page Vanity URL sets a custom URL that can be assigned to your Facebook page instead of a string of random numbers.

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