Want PR 8 DoFollow Links with Anchor Text?

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Within the SEO world, we SEO professionals pay a lot of attention to backlinks, and some attention to PageRank (which really does have an impact on your ranking ability, just not huge naymore). But what if I told you that you could get a bunch of dofollow backlinks with the anchor text of your choice from a site whose domain is PageRank 8? Oh, and those backlinks won’t cost you a dime?

This is the kind of thing that makes SEO professionals sit up and take notice — and it’s a little gift from Google to you when you sign up for Google+.

Your Google+ profile includes a “links” section on the right sidebar. You can choose what (if any) links to put there and choose the anchor text of those links. They are dofollow, and Google+ is a PageRank 8 domain — and you’d better believe that Google pays attention to Google+!

In addition, anything that you +1 will show up as a link on Google+ (if you choose to turn on that feature — it defaults to turned off) in a separate tab on your profile, and those are also dofollow backlinks.

Some important things to note, however:

  • Your profile must be public to benefit from this — it has to be indexed after all. Note that you can have your profile public but still keep your posts private if you want — just one of the many fantastic privacy features of Google+
  • You must choose to set your +1s as public to benefit from that (I don’t)

Here’s a video that shows you exactly where you can find the link areas on Google+ (note the video does not mention that you need these areas set to public for it to be indexed — don’t forget that step):

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  • Thans for that SEO Tip, many people do not know that Google Plus has Page Rank – PR 8.
    As an experienced SEO Specialist I would advice people to google plus their sites and also they should know that Google Plus is a DO FOLLOW LINK WEBSITE.
    All the best,
    – Daniel Chege.

    Comment by Daniel Chege

  • i will try thits trick

    Comment by amelia

  • Thanks. Didn’t realize Google + was so useful when it came to SEO, but it figures they would give a benefit to users for using their products or service.

    Great post

    Comment by Mo

  • G+ has done a great thing by giving options to add anchor text links in profiles and they are do-follow but are they worth for passing link juice is still to be found

    Comment by Joseph Healey

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