Beware Crappy Research & Meaningless Data

Filed under: Internet Marketing — Brian

The world of internet marketing is filled with a lot of research, and unfortunately is filled with a lot of really poor quality research that is scientifically meaningless, but presented in an authoritative way. These are some of the most common areas of garbage research produced by SEO companies.

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Google + Javascript Indexing = Google Indexing Facebook Comments?

Matt Cutts recently confirmed what many geeks of the web world have been hinting at for some time- Google indexes content contained in AJAX/Javascript comment boxes on blogs, webpages and forums which includes Facebook comments. Read more about what this means and what you should know.

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Yahoo Site Explorer Shuts Down – No Good Alternatives

Filed under: News,Search Engine Optimization — Brian

Yahoo Site Explorer officially shut down today, removing the best (and arguably only viable) free backlink tool on the web. With Bing apparently unwilling to fill that role, we take a look at what kind of alternatives there are to Yahoo Site Explorer, both free and paid.

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Using Google Alerts to Find Blog Ideas

Filed under: Blogging — Brian

Coming up with blog ideas is one of the most challenging aspects to maintaining a B2B blog. Regardless of the SEO benefits of blogging, it’s hard to keep it going when you don’t have anything to say. Happily, Google Alerts is a constant source of inspiration for blog ideas.

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What Size Images do Google+ Pages Allow?

Filed under: Internet Marketing,Social Media — Amy Kilgour

In case you missed it, we jumped on the Google+ Company and Brand Page bandwagon last week. One issue I ran into while setting it up the Ecreativeworks Google+ Page was the fact that there was hardly any information available telling me what the profile image size could be. I figured the fact that this […]

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