Google+ Releases Pages for Businesses & Brands

Filed under: Social Media — Amy Kilgour

After dragging their heels for months, Google has finally rolled out Google+ Pages for Businesses and Brands. Were they worth the wait? Quite possibly, although Internet Marketing Specialist, Amy points out that they still have a ways to go.

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Optimizing for the Longtail Keywords

Filed under: Internet Marketing — Brian

A detailed look at exactly how to optimize your SEO efforts for longtail keyword searches. With longtail, there are too many phrases to possibly focus on them all, so different SEO approaches need to be made to ensure that you’re attracting the largest possible collection of longtail phrases — the keywords that make up the majority of the traffic to your site.

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Understanding the Longtail of Keywords

Longtail keywords are something we talk about in SEO a lot, but probably don’t spend enough time stressing just how important they are. Your longtail searches are far more important than your big money searches, in terms of the amount of traffic they can send you. Today we take a look at the longtail with examples of just why it’s so crucial.

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Google Freshness Update Affects 35% of Queries

Filed under: News — Brian

Google has announced a Freshness update to their algorithm that will affect a whopping 35% of searches (more than twice what the Panda update affected). This update specifically targets broad keyword that are associated with timely information: breaking news, hot topics, recurring events, and product reviews.

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Google Pushes Mobile Site Promotion & Best Practices

Filed under: mobile,News — Brian

Google has launched a new site to promote the importance of mobile sites, as well as to inform users about the latest data and statistics of mobile internet usage. Their data is pretty impressive, and the site even includes a list of best practices and a mobile emulator.

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