Internal Links and Site Structure: Hierarchy

Today we’re moving on to the second part of our short series on internal linking Yesterday we talked about internal link anchor text. Today we’re going to talk about overall site hierarchy and how it affects your ability to rank. Search engines analyze a lot of different factors of links to determine how much they […]

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Internal Links and Site Structure: Anchor Text

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The internal linking structure of your site is an important SEO aspect that you can leverage to increase your site’s ability to rank. A proper internal linking structure will enable your site to most effectively pass external link juice throughout your site.

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SEO Impact of Google’s Continued Smartphone Push

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Google’s latest announcement about yet more mobile-related search enhancements. The changes are good for smartphone searchers, but they continue to apply pressure to website owners to launch a mobile-optimized version of their site. The day that Google begins to use the presence of a mobile version as a ranking factors is nearly upon us.

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Blog Comment Spam Can Hurt Your Rankings

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Comment spam on blogs has been a problem for over a decade. But not only do those spam comments make your posts look bad, they can also hurt your site’s ability to rank. Pages with spam comments will tend to rank lower, and just removing spam comments can create a rankings boost.

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Report Stolen Content to Google

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With the Google Panda algorithm it’s possible for sites to steal your content and then trick Panda into thinking they were the ones who wrote it first. The result could be that your site gets penalized. Happily, you can fill out a copyright infringement request with Google and get the pages of the thieves removed from Google’s index.

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