Prepare for Facebook’s Timeline

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Facebook has announced that their new Timeline feature for profiles will be going live by force to all users over the next few weeks. There is no ability to opt-out. Be sure to take a look through your Facebook history and remove any embarrassing posts or photos from years ago that you don’t want Facebook […]

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Is Social Media Worthwhile for Industrial Companies?

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Social media is all over the news these days and is the latest and hottest topic in internet marketing, but many industrial companies don’t feel social media is right for their industry, or aren’t sure how to implement it. Working as closely with the industrial market as we do at Ecreative, we are often asked […]

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Google Page Layout Algorithm Change

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Google recently announced another update to their search ranking algorithm, that now takes the layout of a page into account. This change is specifically targeted at penalizing sites that have too many ads — or content that looks to Googlebot like ads — up toward the top of the page. The idea here is that […]

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Google Reaches Record Revenue in Q4 2011

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Google has released it’s fourth quarter earnings, showing that it made over 10 billion dollars in revenue in the fourth quarter. Despite this new record earnings, Google’s stock price fell 9% after the announcement. While Google reported record earnings their profits were only modestly up year over year, and analysts had been expecting Google to […]

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Google & Leading Tech Companies Protest SOPA

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Today many leading tech and web companies are protesting the SOPA and PIPA bills in the house and senate, respectively. Wikipedia is probably the largest name among the sites that are actually going dark — showing no content at all on the sites except a note about the protest. Google is the biggest name among […]

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