Google De-Indexing Private Link Networks

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Just after Google’s announcement that they were going to hit over-SEO’d sites, they have struck out to de-index many private link networks over the past week. This strike against the link networks appears to be unrelated to the over-optimization algorithm change Cutts talked about, which we’re still waiting to see in the weeks ahead. The […]

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Spirit Week Face-Off

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It’s spirit week here at the Ecreative Internet Marketing offices. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since the last one. Management has cooked up another week worth of contests to pit the employees against each other in a brutal no holds barred contest that will somehow improve “team” spirit. Yeah, the winning […]

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Google to Penalize Over SEO’d Sites

Some breaking news from SXSW spotted by Barry Schwartz: Google’s Matt Cutts said that they are actively working on an algorithm update to target what Matt called “overly-optimized” sites, where aggressive SEO has given them a somewhat unfair ranking advantage, sometimes over sites that have better content. Here is the direct quote from Matt Cutts: […]

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Facebook Timeline Format: What Your Brand or Company Needs to Know

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After  months of speculation, Facebook Timeline for Pages was released the end of February. You may have already updated your cover photo and and looked around a bit, but what’s next? Facebook is well known for their frequent format changes. I often feel like they never stop changing and for people like myself, who manage […]

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