What exactly is Pinterest and How Can I Use it for my Business?

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I posted on Facebook the other day that Pinterest might as well send me an email that reads, “Every one you’ve ever met in your life is now following you on Pinterest.” In case you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, or, even if you have, you might want to keep reading to learn how […]

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How to Tell if Your Website Sucks! Infographic

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Ecreative Internet Marketing has released their new infographic: How to Tell if Your Website Sucks! This infographic breaks down some of the most common and egregious errors in the categories of website design, usability, and SEO. If items from this list apply to your website, it might be time for an emergency intervention!

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Social Media for B2B Marketing Infographic

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Do you hear everyone talking about social media these days — Twitter and Facebook and those sites — and wonder what the heck the big deal is? Ecreative Internet Marketing has put together a simple infographic that demonstrates the reason 86% of B2B firms are using social media as part of their marketing plan, including statistics on B2B buyers and how social media impacts lead generation.

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