Find out how much PageRank juice flows through any given link from any page. Use this tool to help optimize your site's navigation.

Page Rank


Link Juice


Reduce your links to 100, and your juice per link will be 4,065,523.650

How to Find Your PageRank

You can find the PageRank of any given page by using any of several free PageRank tools available. You can use this site to check the PageRank of any page, and enter that PageRank into this tool.

About PageRank

PageRank is one part of Google's ranking algorithm and it flows within your site through internal links as well as to your site from external links across the web.

Using a strong hierarchal site structure will ensure that PageRank juice flows optimally through a well organized site. Reducing the number of navigation links in your site (including flyouts and dropdowns) will increase the amount of PageRank juice that your site gives to its category and other important pages. Your navigation needs to balance between strong usability and SEO optimization.

Google no longer has a 100-links-per-page Webmaster guideline, but reserves the right to take action on any site that looks spammy and has far too many links on a single page.

About the PageRank Juice Calculator

Each increase of 1 PageRank represents about a ninefold increase in the number/strength of incoming links. This is represented in the calculator as a ninefold increase in PageRank juice that the page can pass on through links. A PageRank 1 site is arbitrarily assigned a starting PageRank juice of 100.

Not all PageRank Juice passes from a page -- only about 85% of it passes outward, which the calculator includes in its calculation. The PageRank juice is divided by the total number of links on a page, including NoFollow links (NoFollow links do not pass PageRank, but do reduce the total amount of juice passed to other links).

PageRank is one small part of Google's ranking algorithm, and PageRank alone will not necessarily mean that your site will rank well. However, PageRank improvements will improve the ability of a well-optimized site to rank.

Information about how PageRank functions comes from Google's paper on PageRank, SEOMoz research, and Google's public comments on the topic.