B2B Business Blogs: On-Site or Off-Site?

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We’ve discussed previously what the benefits of blogs are to B2B businesses. Between attracting new customers, answering frequently asked questions, and positioning yourself as an expert in the field, there are plenty of reasons why you should be blogging. But we often have people ask us WHERE they should be blogging? If you do a [...]

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5 Blogging Benefits for B2B Companies

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As businesses in the B2B market continue to grow their online presence, they frequently look at other internet marketing opportunities of which they can take advantage. One of those options is a blog for their website. The initial reaction of creating a blog for many companies is one of excitement … Until they sit down [...]

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Google Adds More Analytics Data to Adwords

Google has recently updated Adwords to incorporate a lot more data from Google Analytics. You can now synch your accounts so that you can pull bounce rate, average visit duration, and pages per visit into the Adwords interface. This allows you to quickly view valuable data at a glance in Adwords instead of digging around [...]

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Traffic Snap Shots in Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a wonderful tool for those obsessed with website statistics. Whether you’re looking to dig into conversion metrics, funnel flows, traffic numbers, or many of the other options, “Analytics Advocates” will always find something new to study. For some of us who manage website traffic though, there are some moments we just want [...]

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Twitter Keeps Its Mobile Focus with Newest Updates

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The popular social platform Twitter recently made some updates aimed at keeping their social tool among the best on mobile devices. As a recap, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube have been continually updating their mobile apps for better user functionality. The Facebook app has increased the real estate of images and other [...]

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