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Rasco Industries, Inc. CEO Rosy Brown Wins IDA Industry Member Service Award

18 May 2016—Mound, Minn.—Late last month, at the IDAExpo International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, Rasco Industries CEO Rosy Brown received the International Door Association’s coveted Industry Member Service Award. Each year, the Industry Member Service Award honors an industry and Association member for excellence in business, for significant contribution to the IDA, for overall …

Google Shopping Feed Goes Paid Only

In a startling move that, frankly, is still blowing my mind, Google has for the first time moved a free organic search service to a paid inclusion model. Google has announced that the Google Shopping Feed is moving to be paid inclusion only, and this change will be complete by the end of summer. Once …

Google Bans SEO Agency iAcquire for Buying Links for Clients

Google has deindexed prominent SEO agency iAcqire’s sites for buying links for their clients. iAcquire’s sophisticated link-buying operation was exposed when they sent a request to the wrong website, and Google reacted with the banhammer in just one day after their client fessed up and threw them under the bus.

Link Directories De-Indexed by Google

Google has begun deindexing large numbers of general and niche web directories. These are sites that really exist as a vehicle for low-quality SEO linkbuilding. If Google continues on this track, it seems likely that press release sites and article directories are the likely next targets of Google’s spam crusade.

Pinterest Added to WordPress Social Plugin

Please note: Support for this plugin is no longer available. After tallying over 34,000 downloads of their original WordPress plugin, Ecreative Internet Marketing has developed an upgraded version. The plugin is now available for free download.\ 3 April 2012—Following last year’s successful launch of their “Trackable Social Share Icons,” the Ecreative Internet Marketing team have …