Does Website Optimization Really Work?: Just ask Plasma Rugged Solutions

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Plasma Rugged Case Study:

When we think of site optimization we think of adding new keywords or key phrases that we would like clients to be indexed for. With Plasma Rugged we took it to another level. Plasma Rugged needed a UX overhaul and a core page restructuring to improve their overall Google quality score.

Quality Score:

Quality score is just as it sounds, it’s the quality of your landing page that you would like visitors to land on. Quality Score is becoming more and more important as their becomes an unmanageable number or websites and webpages for Google to crawl. The sheer number of websites ensures that your quality score will only continue to rise in importance. We have attached some links for you to view in which we focused on improving the quality score of a trending page on the Plasma Rugged website:

Links to View:

We will be working on Plasma Rugged quality score for the foreseeable future and will continue to post results and increases in conversions!