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Google Adds More Analytics Data to Adwords

Google has recently updated Adwords to incorporate a lot more data from Google Analytics. You can now synch your accounts so that you can pull bounce rate, average visit duration, and pages per visit into the Adwords interface. This allows you to quickly view valuable data at a glance in Adwords instead of digging around …

Google +1 on Display Ads

The Google +1 button is now showing on Google display network ads, and the +1 is tied to the landing page the ad is linking to, rather than the ad itself. This means you can leverage +1s to your site to improve the performance of your ads.

Google’s Research on PPC vs Organic Clicks

Google released research on PPC cannibalization of organic results; unfortunately they did not take organic ranking into account, which renders the results fairly meaningless. They did, however, provide a simple equation that you can use to determine if your PPC campaign is worthwhile.