Spirit Week Face-Off

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It’s spirit week here at the Ecreative Internet Marketing offices. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since the last one. Management has cooked up another week worth of contests to pit the employees against each other in a brutal no holds barred contest that will somehow improve “team” spirit.

Yeah, the winning team’s maybe.

Due to the constant growth of the company we’re splitting into three teams this year, instead of last years’ two. And Monday’s team competition has already begun:

Ecreativeworks Mascot Challenge

Each team was given a box of arts & crafts stuff and an hour to create an Ecreativeworks mascot from scratch. At the end of that time each team had to make a video promoting their mascot and explaining why it would be the best choice. To get an idea of what was created, check out these Ecreativeworks mascot videos from all three ECW teams:

The winning team will be determined on Thursday. Whichever team has the most YouTube like or Facebook likes is the winner of Monday’s mascot challenge. So while you’re here, why not quick pop over to the YouTube page and Like your favorite video!

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  • Brian, why is your team’s mascot video on top?

    Comment by Amy

  • They’re placed on the page in order of importance, as Google sees it. Google just happens to consider my team’s video most relevant for “Ecreativeworks Mascot” : )

    Comment by Brian

  • ┬íViva La Fighting Mongoose!

    Comment by Lee

  • Brian’s video is indeed more relevant. What is not relevant is the fact that I have not watched Amy’s video. Not relevant at all.

    Comment by Innocent Bystander

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