Google+1 Button Sharing Rolling Out

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Google has finally incorporated Facebook-esque sharing into the Google +1 button. Now when Google+ users +1 something, they’ll have the option of sharing it with the circles of their choice. And continuing Google+’s theme of one-upping Facebook, Google offers publishers better control of what content gets pulled into the share window.

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Matt Cutts Update on Hyphen vs Underscore URLs

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Google’s Matt Cutts offers an update to the hyphen vs. underscore for SEO URLs status. He reaffirms that yes, Google still treats hyphens as a word separator, and still treats underscores as a word joiner. He confirms in unequivocal terms that you should use hyphens for your URLs.

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Google+ Launches Games

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Google continues to grow their fledgling Google+ social network by introducing their first 16 games, designed to segregate all game notification so they don’t go into your news feed. You only see the game spam if you choose to go to the game page. Facebook responds by increasing the amount of space allocated for games, and increasing the amount of notifications that games and pump into users’ feeds.

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Google+ Projected to be 2nd Largest Social Network Next Year

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A new survey shows that Google+ is on track to be the second largest social network within 12 months, beating LinkedIn and Twitter. The survey suggests that Google+ will be second only to Facebook, and that the new social network will negatively impact Facebook — eating away at Facebook’s users. Compared to Facebook, Google+’s users are younger, better educated, more male and more single.

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Google Speeds up Google +1 Button Loading

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The Google +1 button is Google’s version of the Facebook Like button, but one problem it had was the slow load speed. Google has just addressed that with a super charge to the Google +1 button load speed, combined with a new asynchronous code snipped that you can use to ensure that the Google +1 button doesn’t slow the load speed of your site.

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