Search Engine Optimization – Still New to Many

Yesterday I had the opportunity to present a few different search engine optimization programs to some potential new customers. The calls went great and both prospects seemed excited to move ahead, but I was reminded that search engine optimization is still new to many, many people.

When you are in the industry you become so wrapped up in the latest changes or improvements the big players are making – social media, video optimization, mobile advertising, etc – that you forget about those that don’t know what they don’t know online.

Search engine optimization is a great investment for those customers just starting to take an aggressive approach online. It is addressing the content of your website, the usability as you want to drive conversions for the visitors you receive from the organic search results and its addressing the needs of your target audience. With a strategic approach and consistent changes to your website will draw the attention of the search engines and help you gain results. You don’t need thousands of visitors to your custom sewing website or your metal stamping site – you just need one or two qualified customers to convert into a sale each month.

What are your goals? Are you going to invest in your website this coming year? Are you like many and know you should update your site and do something to get results in the search engines, but you don’t know where to start? Contact Ecreativeworks or Ecreative Internet Marketing today – a Internet Marketing Specialist or sales rep would be happy to talk with you!