Ecreative IM Spirit Week

Here at the Ecreative Internet Marketing we’re having some inter-office competition with Spirit Week. We have the company divided into two teams: the SEO and sales staff are on one team (and an uncommonly good-looking team at that) and the production staff — the guys who design and build the websites — are on the other team.

Every day each team has different things they can do to earn points, from dressing according to the day’s dress theme (today is bright and/or neon colors — the office is like some kind of exotic jungle bird showing off) to playing little competitive games.

Yesterday saw us all in the conference room for a quick game of Catch Phrase.

Here we see the Production Team’s Catch Phrase skills in action:

“You use this while driving…”

“Cell phone!”

Amazingly, the SEO team did not win. We had a strong showing and were clearly better at the game, nailing every single phrase in half the time as the Production Team, but those production guys lucked out and we always had the ball in our hands when the timer wore out.

I have high hopes that we’ll pull through to victory in the end though. We have Office Jeopardy coming up as an opportunity to redeem ourselves that relies less on luck. And of course everyone is looking forward to Friday and the Ice Cream Social!

And, just perhaps, there will be some SEO team reprisals when they least suspect it…

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