Facebook Finally Fixes Failed Employer Pages Link

Up until a few weeks ago, Facebook failed at giving users the opportunity to link to their employer’s company or brand page without implementing all sorts of hacks that were difficult to navigate if you aren’t a developer.

The fact that Facebook still didn’t allow users to  share their professional backgrounds or employers’ pages after their new pages rolled out last year was a big disappointment to many.

If  you tried to link your employer’s Facebook page to your Facebook profile, chances are you actually linked to a Community Page instead. What is a Community page, you ask? It’s a newish feature that can appear a lot like the Facebook company or brand page but the info section is often scraped from Wikipedia followed by a lot of random but somewhat relevant posts your Facebook friends have made.

For example, perhaps you  “Like”  Cooking? That is a technically a Community Page.  However, today I’ll show you how easy it is now to add your Employer’s page to your Employer section.

Not sure which page you’re linked to? If there is a little gray briefcase icon next to your employer, it is time to make an update!

So how do you make this update? It’s easy! First, your company has to have a Facebook page in order for you to get this to work. Secondly, you must click on the Edit button and affirm that you would like to remove your existing Employer’s Community Page version.

Now, start typing in your employer’s name or brand’s page in the Employer section. It should appear as a drowpdown option for you to select.

And that’s all there is to it! You are now connected to your employer’s Facebook page. Happy networking!

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