Dilbert on Black Hat SEO

Dilbert.com Black Hat SEO

Today’s Dilbert is delightfully about not just SEO, but Black Hat SEO. As unethical SEO techniques are making their way more and more often into mainstream media — with JC Penny, Forbes, and Overstock.com penalties making big headlines — it’s great to see one of my favorite comics poking fun at the topic.

This also highlights one of the keys of Dilbert’s success and shows that Dilbert is still staying current with the times. Back in the early days, Dilbert was the first comic to ever include the author’s email. Dilbert author Scott Adams used the feedback to not just mine readers for absurdity in the workplace, but he also quickly realized that one of the best ways to grow his audience was to make comics focused on different workplace jobs, rather than just the engineer.

It was from this philosophy that he created the admin character, and the intern, and a host of others. As funny as someone might find Dilbert, when it was about their job it really struck home — and those strips would get printed and hung up at the office. This philosophy is as effective today as it was then, and this Dilbert strip is already hanging up in the Ecreative Internet Marketing offices.

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