Whitepaper: Mobile Trends for Industrial vs B2C Websites

Do you need a mobile-friendly version of your website?

Ecreative Internet Marketing’s sister company, Ecreativeworks, has released a new whitepaper that can give you the data you need to answer that question: Mobile Trends for Industrial vs B2C Websites. You can download the full whitepaper Here.

This whitepaper examines the trends of how many users are accessing websites via smart phones and other mobile devices, and breaks down the trends into the industrial market and B2C websites. In both cases Ecreativeworks found that mobile usage on the web was increasing steadily from quarter to quarter, though B2C sites saw two to three times the percentage of users accessing their sites via mobile devices.

In addition to examining the percentage of users accessing sites via mobile devices, the whitepaper looks at the share of each mobile device, and projects the mobile trends forward to estimate the possible share of mobile devices a year from now. The whitepaper estimates that traffic from mobile devices to both industrial and B2C website could triple in the next year — making a mobile version of a site increasingly attractive.

From the summary of the whitepaper:

Since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, smartphones have seen a meteoric rise in the marketplace. By the end of 2010 there were more than 60 million smartphone users in the US alone1 and it’s predicted that by the end of 2011 that number will double.

Of those mobile phone users, about 37% report using their smartphones to browse the internet in January of 20112. This could have a profound effect on how potential customers access information online. The user experience of interacting with a website is significantly different when accessed with a small mobile device than via a standard computer or laptop. In addition to the size of the screen changing the web experience, many standard web features do not function on all mobile devices – most particularly the iPhone.

Within the smartphone marketplace, Google has a 98.29% share of the mobile search market3. With Google’s continuing efforts to improve the user experience with targeted and individualized search results – including tailoring search results based on geographic location and social media connections – it is likely that in the near future Google will begin tailoring mobile searches to prioritize result that are built on a mobile-friendly platform.

With this possibility in mind, Ecreativeworks has conducted research into the mobile traffic trends on B2B industrial websites, and standard B2C consumer-targeted websites.

Click to Download the Full Whitepaper.