How to Manage Your Facebook Page’s Images

Several of our clients have asked me recently exactly what and how they should represent their company Facebook page images. This question is particularly pertinent as since last Spring’s Facebook updates where the series of five images could be the first thing that a potential customer sees when coming to your site.

So, if those five images are so important, how can they be modified?

These top 5 photos that appear on the top of a Facebook page (brand or company) or profile (human) can be modified the same way.

The process is a little bit clunky: to control the exact 5 photos you want to display at the top you must untag, then retag, or upload 5 new photos. Tag these photos from right to left if there is a certain order in which you’d like them to display. The far left photo is the most recent uploaded or tagged photo.

To remove an image from your “top five,” place your mouse over an individual photo and click the “X” on the top right corner.

When you are using a page as the page (you can change this in the far right on the page’s home profile page), you are able to tag your photos as the page. For example, as an admin of Ecreativeworks Facebook page, I can tag photos as Ecreativeworks if I “Use Facebook as Ecreativeworks” which can be adjusted in the top right under the Admins.

Additionally, it’s important to have a profile image that represents your company. I often suggest using your company’s logo or, if you’re hosting a contest or an event, it may make sense to change your profile image to a contest or event flyer. Your profile’s image must be no less than 200 x 600 pixels. It’s also important to remember to keep a 15 pixel border around the edges of the profile image so that nothing gets cut off when the profile image is converted to a thumbnail for the Facebook feed.

Have fun and Happy Facebooking!

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