Pinterest Added to WordPress Social Plugin

Please note: Support for this plugin is no longer available.

After tallying over 34,000 downloads of their original WordPress plugin, Ecreative Internet Marketing has developed an upgraded version. The plugin is now available for free download.\

3 April 2012—Following last year’s successful launch of their “Trackable Social Share Icons,” the Ecreative Internet Marketing team have released an updated, new-and-improved version of the popular WordPress blog plugin. The plugin is available for both businesses and individuals, and can be downloaded for free at

In addition to the original Trackable Social Share Icons’ linking badges for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular social media networks, the updated version includes a linking icon for up-and-coming social site Pinterest. Several other functionality and usability improvements are included, as well.

Social media is one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to share information. Social media has proven to be an ideal method by which companies and businesses can provide their customers and potential clients with information on their products, services, news, and events. As social media continues to grown, many companies are working to harness its full marketing potential. Ecreative Internet Marketing’s Social Media Share Icons help make this task an easier one.

Ecreative Internet Marketing created their social media sharing plugin to outperform other, similar WordPress plugins in a number of ways. In addition to adding “share icons” at the bottom of a company’s or individual’s blog posts and/or content pages, this unique plugin also creates a direct link to the user’s Google Analytics account. This is meant to make tracking of clicks, content “shares,” and other useful information easy. Ecreative Internet Marketing stresses that this tracking information is never available to any third party—themselves included—and is only accessible to those with access to Google Analytics for the site in question.

The Ecreative Internet Marketing WordPress plugin features icons that are highly customizable to the user’s needs. Multiple icon styles are available, and their size can be scaled to the user’s preference. Icons for most major social networks are included, and these icons can be added or removed with just a click. Users can even determine the order in which the social media icons are displayed.

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