Social Media Golden Rules

Last month, I led a Free Social Media Seminar for local B2B and Industrial marketers here at Ecreativeworks‘ Twin Cities Headquarters titled “Set Conversions on Fire with Social Media.” The seminar was attended by a number of our clients, but also local B2B and Industrial Marketers and business owners.

Instead of concentrating on the How-to’s, I wanted the attendees to leave with a deeper understanding of how social media can be a successful component of their brand’s marketing plan. I wanted the attendees to walk away with a new confidence to try something new, but I also wanted the attendees to be excited about trying new marketing strategies and figuring out new solutions.

Does your company have it's own Superhero? Didn't think so.

As I was putting my notes together the evening before the workshop, I was having trouble figuring out how to include a section covering best practices so I just started making a list. And this is where my  Social Media Golden Rules were born.

Here goes…it no particular order. I give you…Amy’s Social Media Golden Rules

1. Blog
Regularly blogging is not only the easiest way to have regular content to share via your social platforms. It also increases potential visitors to your website by creating more content indexable by the search engines. More indexed content + more possible keyword variations bringing traffic to your site? SEO gold!

2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Social media is just part of your marketing arsenal.

Social media is not a magic marketing wand that replaces the need for a search engine friendly website, or means that you never have to go to another trade show. It can take a lot of blood, sweat and tears. And then it will take more blood, sweat and tears.

3. People don’t want to be marketed to, they want to be communicated with.
I’ll never forget being referred to as, “Miss” when I posted a question on a Facebook wall. Seriously? Miss?!

4. Be familiar with a platform’s culture. Not familiar? Become familiar.
Are you managing your brand’s presence on Twitter and are you still confused what a DM is? Learn!

5. Engage and be responsive. It’s a two-way street.
There is now way around it, an unanswered question on your Facebook wall that is over a month old just looks bad.

6. Relax and be human. Social media is a place for people to engage with people, not corporate logos.
Make jokes! Show who you are. Some of the most popular content we’ve shared on our social platforms has been just for fun. Have you seen the images from the great ballooning incident? What about the Google Panda & Penguin Going to War image?

7. Try new things and adapt accordingly.

Don’t think your brand would benefit from Pinterest? There is only way to find out!

8. Provide varied content. Not just me! me! me!
(Unless you ARE Me Me Me) Ask questions and share other’s content.
Sorry, it’s not just about you…it’s about your distributors, and the websites that sell your products and services, your retailers, your partners and your customers. What would they want to read or know? What would they find valuable?

9. Make your company’s social media presence known.

If you’re making the effort to manage your brand’s Facebook page, please post a Facebook icon on your website. Preferably not hidden at the bottom.

10. Write a snappy “About.”
No one wants to see a list of your 14 various product lines available through 256 worldwide distributors. What do you do in 10 words or less? And what the heck is your website? Also, watch out for truncation here.

11. Do not cross post.
Are your Facebook updates being posted to your Twitter? There might not be a faster way to lose followers.

12. Brand Your Platforms!
LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr all have a ton of super customizable ways in which you can convey the colors, logos, and overall look and feel of your brand’s website. If your brand’s Youtube videos are on Tim_rocks78¬†Youtube Channel, ur doin it wrong!!

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