Facebook makes Brand & Company Page Administration Easier with Toggle Bar

Although, you might have caught wind of Facebook’s big oops in regard to their email address switch and mobile device sync error, Facebook has been made several big improvements over the last several weeks that make managing Brand or Company Facebook Pages much easier for business owners and marketers.

In case you’re not clear on what the difference is between Facebook Pages and Facebook Profiles, check out my blog previous post which explains these differences in detail.

One of the most exciting new updates is the new blue colored “toggle bar” which appears directly underneath the search bar, enabling users to easily switch between posting, commenting and liking as their personal profile, or as the Company or Brand Facebook Page that they admin. This new toggle bar only appears for Facebook users that have admin access to a Company or Brand Facebook Page.

Facebook's new Toggle Bar

Before this new feature existed, it was necessary to first navigate to the Facebook Page, click into the Edit Page and then select, or de-select (and not forget to save!) either the option to use the Facebook Page as a personal Facebook Profile, or as the Facebook Page. Because changing between the two was a multi-step, clunky process, I found myself not only fielding panicked emails from clients who couldn’t figure out how to post on their Facebook Page as the Page and not as themselves, but found myself, who admins many Facebook Pages, and who works in Facebook on a daily basis, making this error.

Since the new Timeline Format rolled out, Facebook has been continually making impressive improvements (and a few failures). Stay tuned for more more descriptions of some of the cool new
features rolling out.

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