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Pay per Click: The Three Rules of Conversions

In Pay per Click marketing campaigns, conversion is king. Why spend money on clicks that you know aren’t going to buy from you? Find out the Three Rules of Pay per Click Conversions and get more sales for your ad budget by improving your conversion rate.

The Importance of Being Earnest…About Your Cost Per Conversion

The average business owner has been bombarded for the last 5 years with the idea that search marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing available, and to a point that is true. However, if you’re running any type of search campaign without any metric for results, how do you measure success? Detailing out your …

Ecreative IM is officially a Google Adwords Certified Partner!

Google rolled out a new Certification program in November of 2009, which required all Certified Partners to have at least two staff members pass an AdWords Fundamentals Exam, as well as an Advanced Exam that tests their knowledge and acumen of the AdWords system and tool set.  In addition, the marketing firm needs to manage …