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SEO Basics: What is Black Hat SEO?

Ecreative SEO Basics tackles the question of just what is Black Hat SEO? Why is Black Hat SEO bad, what do they do, and what are the dangers of Black Hat SEO, or hiring a SEO firm that engages in Black Hat SEO practices? After all, Google doesn’t care if it’s the website owner or their SEO firm breaking the rules — if you’re using Black Hat SEO, they just might decide that you’ll no longer show up in any Google results.

SEO Basics: What is Bounce Rate on a Website?

What is a bounce rate on our website? What is considered a good bounce rate and what’s considered a bad bounce rate? And what exactly does the bounce rate tell us about our website and our site’s SEO? This SEO Basics article explains bounce rate and how to use this metric to learn what users think of your site.

SEO Basics: Basic SEO Terms Definitions

In the world of SEO we use a lot of industry-specific terms and acronyms that can sound a lot like jibberish to the casual listener. This basic SEO terms and definitions guide will explain exactly what all those acronyms stand for, and what those SEO terms mean. If you’ve heard an SEO term that isn’t on this extensive list… then it probably is jibberish!

SEO Basics: What is a Meta Tag?

What is a meta tag? What are the SEO benefits of the Description and Keywords meta tag? This SEO Basics guide explains the use and history of the two primary SEO meta tags, as well as just how important they really are.