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Google Panda Update Hits Ehow – Ehow Loses Rankings

Google has released an update to their Panda algorithm, this time affecting an estimated 2% of search queries and slamming Ehow’s rankings. This update takes into account user information from the Google Chrome browser feature that lets users block garbage sites from their search results. And apparently a lot of users thought that Ehow was a garbage site.

Google Panda Update to Include User Site Blocks in Rankings

Google’s Panda algorithm change hit about a month ago with major changes to search results. Now they are making another significant change by including data from the Google Chrome browser about blocked sites as a ranking signal. Now if enough users block a site through Chrome, that site could rank lower for all searches.

Google Panda Change & SEO Impact on Ecommerce Sites

Google has released some new information about their latest Panda algorithm change that could have significant impact on many ecommerce websites — especially those with many similar products. Find out what has changed, and what you need to do to the SEO of your ecommerce sites to take advantage of the Panda algorithm change and gain in Google rankings.

Google Discusses “Big Panda” Algorithm Change

Google recently launched their new algorithm change, “Big Panda” targeting low-quality content farms on the internet. In a recently interview, Google discussed how this algorithm change came about and how they went about identifying what is a “low-quality” site on the internet.

Google Algorithm Change Devalues Article Sites

Google has launched a massive new algorithm change, affecting 12% of all queries — that’s about 360 million searches per day that will see different results. This change is primarily targeting article-hosting sites, which can have significant ramifications for white-hat backlink building techniques. Find out who was hit, and who benefited from this Google algorithm change.