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B2B Business Blogs: On-Site or Off-Site?

We’ve discussed previously what the benefits of blogs are to B2B businesses. Between attracting new customers, answering frequently asked questions, and positioning yourself as an expert in the field, there are plenty of reasons why you should be blogging. But we often have people ask us WHERE they should be blogging? If you do a …

5 Blogging Benefits for B2B Companies

As businesses in the B2B market continue to grow their online presence, they frequently look at other internet marketing opportunities of which they can take advantage. One of those options is a blog for their website. The initial reaction of creating a blog for many companies is one of excitement … Until they sit down …

How to Come Up With Topics for Your Blog

Having a blog for your B2B business website can be one of the greatest SEO decisions you make — but only if you’re actually blogging! Here is a simple and easy way to come up with topics to blog about in your B2B blog, so that you’ll never be staring at a blank screen with nothing to blog about.