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Google Panda Update History: Dates Run

A brief history of the Panda algorithm update dates. If you think your site may have been affected by Google’s Panda, just compare your traffic drop with the dates of Panda updates. If they line up then Panda is likely the culprit; if not then something else is causing your ranking woes.

Google Panda SEO

The Google Panda update is a separate algorithm that runs every few months and searches for what it considers poor quality sites. Sites targeted by Google’s Panda generally have a characteristic footprint that can include any of the following: Duplicated content — either duplicated across other sites, or heavy duplication within the same site Very …

Google Launching New Panda Update Soon

At the SMX Advanced conference recently Google’s Matt Cutts said that a new change to the Google Panda algorithm has recently been approved and will be going live soon. This new change is targeted at scraper sites, which sometimes outrank the original sites whose content they’re stealing.

Google on How to Rank Well in the Wake of Panda

Google’s Amit Singhal has come out and talked about what kind of things Google looks for in a quality website, and what specific signals indicate high quality vs. low quality that they try to build their algorithm around. He also discusses the Panda update, and why some sites might have had their rankings hurt by it.

Google Panda Update Hits Ehow – Ehow Loses Rankings

Google has released an update to their Panda algorithm, this time affecting an estimated 2% of search queries and slamming Ehow’s rankings. This update takes into account user information from the Google Chrome browser feature that lets users block garbage sites from their search results. And apparently a lot of users thought that Ehow was a garbage site.