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  • That is a great ideas, thank you for the great stuff

    Comment by h3ricyber

  • My favorite is Akismet and GMAP plugin which help me to fight spam on my blog.

    Comment by Rahul Tilloo

  • Hope to see wordpress in android.

    Comment by Mohan

  • Thank for the tips I did not know how to turn comments off. Now all I need is people to start commenting on my blogs.

    Comment by Brent Walker

  • Great plugin Thanks a lot!!!

    Comment by Sebaspindu

  • Great post! thanks for your tip!

    Comment by mykylieramirez

  • It really helped, thanks! The recaptcha plugin sounds like the most effective. You’ll hardly get paid comments (I haven’t got any). Most spam comments are automated, i.e from bots.

    Comment by Charley

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