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Blog Comment Spam Can Hurt Your Rankings

Comment spam on blogs has been a problem for over a decade. But not only do those spam comments make your posts look bad, they can also hurt your site’s ability to rank. Pages with spam comments will tend to rank lower, and just removing spam comments can create a rankings boost.

v1.1 of Trackable Social Share Icons with Google +1 Button

Please note: Support for this plugin is no longer available. We have released version 1.1 of the Trackable Social Share Icons WordPress plugin, which now incorporates the Google +1 button into the social media sharing options. Now in addition to offering the ability to share posts via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Stumble Upon, and many other …

Trackable Social Share Icons v1.0 Released

Ecreative Internet Marketing releases version 1.0 of the Trackable Social Share Icons Wordpress plugin. Provided free to the Wordpress community, version 1.0 of the plugin adds the Facebook Like icon, as well as increased ability over where the icons appear, including the ability to turn them off on any given post.

Trackable Share Icons v0.9 Released

Ecreative Internet Marketing has just released v0.9 of our free Wordpress plugin, Trackable Social Share Icons. This new version is the largest update yet, and comes with a host of new features — including the new Snail Mail social share option!

Fix for iframes in WordPress for YouTube Embed and Amazon Affiliates

By default, Wordpress doesn’t play very well with iframes. In the past this hasn’t been a problem, but now that YouTube is using iframes as their default code to embed their videos, it’s increasingly frustrating that Wordpress and iframes don’t get along. Here is a very simple fix to allow iframes to work flawlessly with your Wordpress blog.