Google to Start Charging for Some Adwords Phone Extension Calls

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Google has offered adwords advertisers the ability to use a unique Google-provided phone number in their ads that re-route to their phone line. The advantage of using the Google number is that all calls to that number could be automatically tracked via call metrics, giving a far better view of how the adwords campaign was performing. But starting in May, Google will be charging $1.00 for manually dialed calls to that number.

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PPC: Should You Buy Ads when You Rank Organically?

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Pay per click is a fast and sure way to the very top of Google search results, but once your SEO has you ranking organically for those phrases, should you stop paying for those ads? Can it be worthwhile to pay for ads when you already rank well organically?

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Google AdWords Ad Extension Features Explained

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Google AdWords has added even more features to their interface. Although Ad Extensions have been around for a while, they’ve been hidden. These four Ad Extension features help practitioners make their ads include additional info, potentially increasing the CTR and Conversions.

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Google Adwords All Lower Case URLs and Extended Headlines

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Google AdWords has rolled out even more changes, all lower case letters in the display URL’s and extended headlines. These changes are obvious ways in which Google is assuring that the paid search results appear similar to the organic search results.

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PPC: Bing / Yahoo Paid Traffic Decreasing Since Merger?

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RKG has reported data showing a steady decline in PPC search traffic from Yahoo and Bing since they began their merger. While their data shows the Yahoo / Bing conversion rate finally increasing to the same level as Google since the merger, the decrease in traffic continues to make them less attractive to PPC advertisers.

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