Why Video is Such an Important SEO Tool

At Ecreative one of the topics that we like to bring up with most of our clients is whether they’re able to make some videos about their business. Video has become a Big Deal in the search engine optimization world and as conscientious SEO professionals we’re always looking for every edge to give our clients and their businesses.

But the idea of making video for an industrial market business is usually greeted with a lot of skepticism, right up there with the idea of using Twitter or other Social Media.

Here’s the super short reason why we want videos:

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, second only to Google.

Yes, if you’re counting number of searches (which is the logical metric) then YouTube is a larger search engine than Yahoo or Bing, and significantly so. And yes, if you don’t have video, then you’re effectively never listed on the second largest search engine in the world.

Not only that but YouTube videos are now showing up in your standard searches, giving you yet another opportunity to show up in the top page of search results — often a video result can rank up on the top of the search results for a competitive term that you site isn’t ranking for. And finally your YouTube page, and every video you post, will of course include a link back to the relevant page on your website.

CNC Machining Video Search Results
Video search results in action -- another way to rank at the top of Google search results... but only if you have videos!

So videos get you more links to your site, they get you access to more searches that you’re otherwise missing out on, and they give you more opportunities to rank for standard searches.

The real question here is why the heck wouldn’t you have videos?